Who are you?

Hey there! I'm Aksu, a quiet and friendly pony here, and this is my carrd website. I've been an gamer for as long as I can remember. I have tried ICT stuff from time to time, with honest success and failure.


- Project Aksu Hangout (Now updated!)
Aksu Hangout is your minimalist hangout spot.
- Project Dragon and Project Digital Aksu
Project "Aksu in VR", Project Dragon, Project Digital Aksu are variants of my online persona avatar and viewable in a DeviantArt gallery.
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Active projects:- Project Digital Aksu
- Project Dragon
- Aksu Hangout

My "favorite" software and games...

  • Blender

  • OpenShot

  • OBS Studio

  • LibreOffice

  • GIMP

  • Virt Manager

  • Steam

  • Minecraft

  • Terraria

  • Garry's Mod

  • VRChat

  • Roblox Studio

Track record

  • Knows where computer matters go and how-to solve them...

  • Owns a Linux phone...

  • Built a Windows PC with good specs and consumes less electricity...

  • The dude with ~26 000+ views, with YT and DA views combined...

  • The list go on...


rpi-ownprefLicense: MITApt preferences for Raspberry Pi OS.own-preferences.pref
(Viewable from Gitlab repo.)
mc-start-scriptsLicense: MITMinecraft Server startup and shutdown scripts for Bash.All scripts
(Viewable from Gitlab repo.)
Voiced Avatar / voiced-avatarLicense: MITA Unity script with your voice triggering animations via Animator.Requirements: "Unity LTS 2021.3.x" or later.Scripts/AksuLightning/VoiceToAnimation.cs
(Viewable from Gitlab repo.)
AksuboxLicense: MITIs a minimal Linux distro that runs under Qemu, this project is archived to Gitlab.All scripts
(Viewable from Gitlab repo.)
Old VRChat worldsSmall Map
Minimalist․ Aksu․ Place․ "M․A․P․" is your minimalist home․
Takes less time to load and then it's ready to use․
The world is not supported and updated anymore.
Aksu Hangout
Aksu Hangout Dev Number 5
Aksu Hangout 2022
Aksu Hangout Dev Number 4
Aksu Hangout Dev #3 (missing & lost)
Aksu Hangout Dev #2 (missing & lost)
Aksu Hangout Dev #1 (missing & lost)
These are development versions of Aksu Hangout.
These worlds are not supported and updated anymore.
It is recommended to visit on your own risk.

Resource Packs
For "Minecraft"

Aksupack is a half-simplistic resource pack and it's for "Minecraft Java Edition" Version "1.14.x" Pack's first version was released in Feb 4th, 2012, ~11 years ago. Pack don't include custom features, the best user experience is in version "1.12.2".
Removes Splashes from Minecraft Main Menu.
Works only in "Minecraft Java Edition".

Welcome to hidden project status page

- None
- Project Digital Aksu
- Project Dragon
- Aksu Hangout
- Project Aksu Avatar Gen 2
Planned to do (changes, updates, etc):
- None
- Aksupack*
- voiced-avatar*
- mc-start-scripts*
- rpi-ownpref*
- Project Aksu in VR***
- Aksubox**
- Small Map (M.A.P. a.k.a Minimalist Aksu Place)**
- Project Ponyvillage+++
- Project Aksu Avatar Gen 1***
- Project Aksu Pony OC***
One plus symbol = To be continued later, partial or full plan(s) to continue the project
Two plus symbols = To be continued later, there are no plan(s) to continue yet
Three plus symbols = There are no plan(s) yet
One asterisk symbol = Not continuing this time
Two asterisk symbols = Abandoned altogether
Three asterisk symbols = Will be used partially in other non-public / public projects